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The name is Ena Hasbo. 16 year-old Malaysian Pethead. Loves techno, rock, and dance music. Influences by comicus Zint and Xanxeviera, and manga-ka Kouta Hirano. This blog is only for my artwork not more than that. Most artwork that are posted here are PSB-related since i'm a Pethead hehehe...Well if you dont like my artwork, please DONT sent too bitchy comments. if you do i will proudly delete them :P anyways enjoy the blog.. with love Ena-chan ;)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lack of updates...

hi! it's the owner here hehe... okay the topic said it, i seldom update my blog.. why? well as a schoolgirl i'm very busy lately because of the major exam i'm going to face on 4th October.. so that's why i rarely update my blog.. so i hope you guys understand... but i promise i'm going to put more artworks after the exam okay?~ with love, Ena-chan ;)

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