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The name is Ena Hasbo. 16 year-old Malaysian Pethead. Loves techno, rock, and dance music. Influences by comicus Zint and Xanxeviera, and manga-ka Kouta Hirano. This blog is only for my artwork not more than that. Most artwork that are posted here are PSB-related since i'm a Pethead hehehe...Well if you dont like my artwork, please DONT sent too bitchy comments. if you do i will proudly delete them :P anyways enjoy the blog.. with love Ena-chan ;)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

DM vs PSB!!!!!!!!!!!

this comic strip is about DM trying to sabotage PSB's first tour. but the real PSB wasn't even perform at that time. the one that been performing is actually another person in diguise XD. at the very end of the panel Axl the cameo is there..

who wins in the end?? well you choose.. i dont wanna be the judge here... :P